Regional Planning

The Agency of Transportation has a consultative planning and public outreach relationship statewide through the Transportation Planning Initiative (TPI). Regional Transportation Planning Coordinators carry out the Vermont Transportation Planning Initiative (TPI) in working partnership with the ten non-metropolitan Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) of the state and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, which is Vermont's only Metropolitain Planning Organization.

The Coordinators work with these regional commissions to solicit local input, identify needs, develop regional transportation plans and transportation improvement programs, and otherwise provide planning capacity to the VTrans on an ongoing basis.

In addition, the coordinators play a key role in the Agency's public outreach efforts - working collaboratively with the RPCs and other state agencies, VTrans program managers, and an array public and private organizations to inform the public on important transportation issues, programs, projects, planning activities, and otherwise to facilitate the flow of accurate information affecting and/or involving the public.


VTrans Transportation Coordinator
Regional Planning Commission

Amy Bell


Matthew Langham


Scott Bascom

Jackie Cassino


Sommer Bucossi


Map of Planning Regions, Coordinators and RPC Contacts