Policy & Planning

The Policy and Planning Unit is responsible for developing Agency policy at state and federal levels, preparing the State Long Range Transportation Business Plan and the State Transportation Improvement Program; strategic, modal and corridor management plans; and for regional planning relationships and activities. 

Policy Analysis

The Policy Analysis Unit assists the Secretary's office in developing, analyzing, and promulgating overall transportation policy for Vermont. It is also responsible for facilitating agency-wide internal strategic planning efforts, environmental policy making and providing background and support for Agency legislative activities.

Regional Planning Coordination

The Agency engages in regional planning via a consultative and cooperative planning and public outreach relationship through the Transportation Planning Initiative (TPI) with Regional Planning Commissions throughout the Vermont. 

State Transportation Improvement Program

The State Transportation Improvement Program  is a four-year plan that describes the capital and non-capital projects anticipated to require FHWA and/or FTA funding each year over the period. 

Strategic, Modal and Corridor Planning

The Strategic, Modal and Corridor Planning team manages and implements the Agency’s major transportation planning efforts, including the Long Range Transportation Plan, corridor management studies, and modal plans for highways, railways, aviation, public transportation, bike and pedestrian, and freight.