Policy Plans and Studies

Policy Plans
Class I Town Highway White Paper 2016
Statewide Park-and-Ride Facilities Plan
Statewide Park-and-Ride Facilities Plan Appendix
VTrans Electric Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Plan 2013
Freight Plan 2015
Strategic Plan 2013
VTrans Climate Change Adaptation White Paper 2012
Public Transit Policy Plan 2012
Long Range Transportation Business Plan 2009
VT Pedestrian and Bicycle Policy Plan 2008
Vermont Airport System and Policy Plan 2007
Vermont State Rail and Policy Plan 2007
Highway System Policy Plan 2004
Asset Management Vision and Work Plan 2002

Rail Capital Investment Policy Plan

Strengthening Vermont's Economy by Integrating Transportation and Smart Growth Policy

On Road Bike Plan







Transportation Studies and Manuals
Vermont Transportation Funding Options 
Section 40 
Act 153 (2012)
Transportation Planning Initiative Manual 2007
Vermont Corridor Management Handbook 2005
Traffic Calming Study 2003
Airport Economic Impact Study 2002
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Planning and Design Manual 2002
Guardrail Study 2002
Boston to Montreal High Speed Rail Planning and Feasibility Study 2001
East-West Highway Study 2001
Vermont Freight Study 2001
Airport Capital Facility Plan 2000
Byways Program Manual 2000
Corridor Management Handbook  
VT Access Mgmt  
The Vermont Transportation Energy Profile  


Other Publications
2014 Fact Book and Annual Reports (published January 15, 2014) 2014
2013 Fact Book (published May 20, 2013) 2013
2012 Fact Book 2012
2011 Fact Book 2011
2010 Fact Book 2010